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Manual Testing Online Training by Real time Experts:

Manual Testing Online Training Course Content:


  1. Introduction to Software Testing
  2. Quality Assurance & Quality Control (Verification & Validation)
  3. Software Development Life Cycle, SDLC Models
    1. Waterfall Model
    2. Incremental Model
    3. V-Model
    4. SCRUM/AGILE Model
  4. Software Testing Life Cycle(STLC)
  5. Test Planning, Test Strategy
  6. Test Design/Test Development
  7. Test Execution
  8. Defect Tracking
  9. Reporting
  10. Methods of Testing(Black Box, White Box, Grey Box)
  11. Static Testing (Reviews, Inspections, Audit, Walk through)
  12. Software Environments(Stand-Alone, Client/Server, Web Environment, Distributed environment)
  13. Black Box Testing Techniquies(BVA, ECP, State Transition, Error Guessing)
  14. White Box Testing (Basic Path, Cyclomatic Complexty, Condition, Branch, Loop Testing)
  15. Testing Techniques
  16. Defect Tracking
  17. Defect Life Cycle
  18. Defect Tracking System
  19. Categorizing the defects
  20. Severity & Priority
  21. Test closure Activity
  22. Build verification testing (BVT)
  23. Synchronizing testing
  24. Warm launch and cold launch
  25. Marketisation testing
  26. Localization testing

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)


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