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Oracle Apps DBA Online Training by Real time Experts:

Oracle Apps DBA Online Training Course Content:

Infrastructure setup

Installation of Virtual workstation
Installation of OEL Operating system
OEL Oracle Enterprise Linux
Disk Druid configuration
Manual partitions
Assigning static ip to Ethernet
Time zone selection
Root user password configuration
Packages selection
Post installation configuration
Login to the OS
Installing Virtual tools
Sharing of Folders from host OS to virtual OS
Cloning of OS in virtual workstation
Start and Shut of OS

Pre installation configuration

EBS software stage
Db tier
Apps tier
Edit the host file
Group creation
User creation
Ownership permission
Set password
Rpms installation

EBS single node installation

Execute the rapid wiz
Install Oracle application
New configuration port no
Database node configuration
Select necessary options
Final installation
Post installation steps
Bash profile configuration
DB tier bash profile
Apps tier bash profile
Login to url

EBS multi node installation

Prepare the 2 node OS
Perform pre installation
Execute rapid wiz on first node
Select db tier node
Select Apps tier node
Edit services
Web entry point
Web application services
Batch process service
Other service
run the rapid wiz on 2nd node
Save load configuration file
Bash profile configuration
Login to URL

EBS File system

Database environment file
Db context file
control scripts
C,R,D files
Application environment file
context file
Db connectivity file
control scripts Apps tier
AD utilities
Apache server configuration file
Form sever configuration file

Manage EBS Service

Db tier service
Traditional method
Control script service
Listener service
Apps tier service
Apps Control scripts
Individual service
Apache server
Forms server
CMS server
Application listener
OPMN Service
OC4J Service
OC4J oacore – html based
OC4J forms
OC4J oafm – web service
Oracle http service


Patch concepts
one of patch
single patch
mini patch
family patch
maintenance patch pack
Pre requisite patch
Patch tool kit
Maintenance mode
Apply the patch
Driver file
Disable maintenance mode
Verify patch
Merging patch concept

System Admin

User creation
Password reset
Account lock and unlock
Assign profile to users
Monitor application users
Terminate application user
Create responsibility
Assign responsibility to user
Compile custom application
Printer configuration
Ad admin
Auto config
Custom manager
Request set

Online and Offline cloning
Multiple scenario
Single node to single node
single node to multi node
multi node to single node
multi node to multi node
Db tier adpreclone
Apps tier clone
Prepare the target system
pre configuration
Copy db tier and apps tier
tar statement
Monitor statement
Bash profile configuration
Post cloning steps

Up Gradation

Ebs upgrade from 11i to R12
Prepare 11i ebs system
db 9i to 10g
Apps 11i to R12
Apply latest IOP
Apply AD Patch
Apply IOP patch
Install 10g software
configure env file
apply patch set
Run dbua to upgrade
Enable autoconfig
Listener config
start application service
Test application
Apps tier upgrade
Run rapdiwiz R12
upgrade file system
startup with R12
Apply R12 AD Patch
Apply maintenance patch pack

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