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Peoplesoft DBA Online Training

Peoplesoft DBA Online Training by Real time Experts:

Peoplesoft DBA Online Training Course Content:

Infrastructure setup

Installation of Virtual workstation
Installation of windows Operating system
Manual partitions
Assigning static ip to Ethernet
Post installation configuration
Login to the OS
Installing Virtual tools
Sharing of Folders from host OS to virtual OS
Cloning of OS in virtual workstation

PeopleSoft Server setup

Install Oracle binaries
Create database
Install people tools
Install application HRMS
Execute scripts
Data move configuration
Install Application server tuxedo
Install Web server web logic
Follow PDF to configure the server
Create and configure Application server domain
Create and configure Process scheduler domain
Create and configure web server domain
Create and configure report nodes
Install people books
Configure the help url
PSIA architecture
Login to the URL

PeopleSoft Admin task

Apply people tools patch
Generate trace file
Audit cleanups
Load balancing
Integration broker setup
People soft security admin
Batch monitoring
Workstation setup
Compare reports and migrations
Clear cache
Maintenance packs
Tax updates
Table space, tables, and schemas backup
Complete database backup
Database refreshes

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