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SIEBEL Analytics Functional Online Training

SIEBEL Analytics Functional Online Training by Real time Experts:

SIEBEL Analytics Functional Online Training Course Content:

1. Overview Of Siebel Analytics
2.Siebel analytics User Interfaces Exploring
4.Implementation Methodology
5.Building the Physical Layers of Repository
6.Building the Business Model Layer of a repository
7.Building the Presentation Layer of a repository
8.Testing and Validating a Repository
9.Adding Multiple Sources to a dimension
10.Adding calculations to a fact
11.Creating Dimensional Hierarchies and Level-Based Measures
12.Using Aggregates
13.Using Partitions of fragments
14.Repository Of Variables
15.Modeling Time series Data
16.Modeling Slowly Changing dimensions
17.Modeling Header and detail Data
18.Prototyping and Non-Dimensional data
19.Modeling Extension tables
20.Modeling leading practices
21.Analytics Security
22.Cache Management
24.Dash boards
27.Introduction ETL
28.Data ware concepts
29.Creating Dimension Hierarchies
30.Adding Multiple Sources
31.Customizing User Interface
32.Adding calculation to facts
33.Configuring guided Navigation Links
34.Administering BI Web Catalog
35.Using Aggregates
36.Using Delivers
37.Using partitions Fragments
38.Using briefing books
39.Using Repository Variable
40.Dash board design Principles best Practices
41.Modeling time series Data
43.Cache Management
44.Multi user Development Environment

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