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SQL Server DBA Online Training

SQL Server DBA Online Training by Real time Experts:

SQL Server DBA Online Training Course Content:

Infrastructure configuration
Installing virtual technology
Installing windows operating system
Installing virtual tools in virtual OS
configure of share folder from host os to guest os
Cloning of OS in virtual technology
Sql Server installation in Standalone module
Sql server standalone configuration
Pre requisite configuration
Download sql server software
unzip the sql server software
Installing Server pack
Installing .net framework
Installing power shell
Installing windows update
Execute the setup
New sql server standalone installation
Configuration of setup role
Configuration Default instance
Multi authentication mode
Finish the installation
Start sql server management studio
login to db server
Sql Server installation in Domain module
Sql server Client server configuration
Understanding the client server scenario
Installing DCpromo on domain server
Configure DNS component
Adding client to domain
Installing sql server with default instance
Multi authentication mode
Start sql server management studio
login to db server
User Management and login credential
Creation of windows & Domain user
creation of login in database
Map to particular database
Assign privilege to user
Creation of Sql server user
creation of login and map in database
Remote Server setup
Pre installation configuration
.net framework , powershell , service pack etc.
Install Client tools connectivity
Verify TCP/IP network connectivity
Login to database with windows authentication
Login to database with sql server authentication
Access db server remotely
mstsc configuration
Database creation and physical file
New database creation
Understand physical files
Main data file
Next data file
Log data file
Moving database files
System databases
User defined database
Error Logs
Sql server logs
Sql Agent logs
Service packs and Hot fixes
Understanding different updates
How to apply
Backup and Restoration
Full database backup
Differential backup
Transaction Log backup
Tail log backup
Simple module
Full module
Recovery module
Mirrored backup
Stripped backup
Backup compression
Restoration process
Database mail and automation
Configuring email
Testing email setup
Creating Operators
Creating Jobs
Alerts configuration
High Availability Implementation
Database level
Log Shipping
Database Mirroring
Clustering concept
Install and configure SAN
Configure DNS
IP Address
Create shared disk
Add target
iscsi initiator
Disk management
Add failover cluster feature
Failover cluster ware management
Up gradation

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