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Win Runner Online Training

Win Runner Online Training by Real time Experts:

Win Runner Online Training Course Content:


WinRunner Testing Process

  • Creating GUI Map, Creating Test Scripts, Debug Test
  • Scripts, Run Tests,
  • View Results, Report Defects
  • GUI Map
  • Types of GUI Map files, Global GUI Map, GUI Map file per test, GUI Spy,
  • Rapid Test Script Wizard usage, Maintaining GUI Map for regressions
  • Record Modes in WinRunner
  • Analog Recording, Context Sensitive Recording
  • Playback Modes in WinRunner
  • Verify
  • Debug
  • Update
  • Synchronization Point
  • Checkpoints in a Test Script
  • GUI Checkpoints, Bitmap Checkpoints, Text Checkpoints, Database Checkpoints
  • Programming test with TSL
  • Batch Tests
  • Data Driven Tests
  • GUI Configuration
  • WinRunner Configuration
  • Integrating WinRunner with Test Director

Quick Test Professional

  • Quick Test professional introduction
  • Benefits of QTP, Understanding QTP window, QTP components
  • QTP Objects
  • Understanding objects, Object repository, Managing test objects
  • QTP testing process
  • Different modes of Recording a test
  • Organizing test into actions
  • QTP Checkpoints
  • Introduction, Types of checkpoints, Inserting checkpoints in a test at different levels, Standard,
  • Image, Table, Text, Text area, bitmap, XML, database checkpoint


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